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About Rebel Dandy


Former Art Student from New York City, Rebel Dandy went on to become a Fashion Designer, somewhat by chance. "I learned to sew from my Mom", he recalls, "Whenever I made something for myself, friends would offer to buy it. Eventually, I sold my designs to Boutiques until it turned into my work, and I didn't need a job anymore." 


Market demands have a way of detouring a creative individual's path for the sake of sales. This didn't sit well with Rebel. Thoroughly disillusioned and frustrated with the industry, he turned his back on Fashion, and walked away from the successful small business he had built throughout a decade. "That world doesn't Rock. It's time for new beginnings…my way!", he proclaimed, and thus went Renegade.


All along with one foot in the NYC Rock scene, he focused on his Underground Roots. His creations were sought after by musicians and performers. He later found a commercial niche in Costuming and Craft Projects, primarily instructive. As he put it, "After creating for many very cool Personas, there's something to be said about appealing to regular folks."


From Costume and Graphic Design to product innovation ideas, these are his original inspirations from youth. While much of his work is in high profile commissioned creations, the focus here will be on his more recent, rather humble projects.


This site represents yet another phase of Rebel Dandy's "New beginnings".

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